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Fibre Tube Laser Cutting Machines

Nukon UK’s precise, reliable, highly versatile fibre laser tube cutting machines are renowned across a wide range of industries. Choose from pipe and profile cutting models, or the exceptional Vento Flex, a top-spec fibre laser machine equipped to cut tubes, pipes, profiles and flat metal sheet.

Whichever model you select, benefit from leading-edge technologies, such as nLight Fibre LASERs with adaptive beam optimisation, Lantek Expert software – the most advanced nesting software in the industry, as well as advanced automation solutions for maximum performance and efficiency.

These components make Nukon’s Lasertube package a world-class industry standard.


Exceptionally versatile, the NKT-125 has been developed for the precise laser cutting of materials across sectors including agricultural machinery, yellow goods, automotive and furniture making. Able to handle tube and pipe of Ø180mm, and profiles & sections of up to 125 mm x 125 mm, the NKT-125 can be specified with automatic loading and unloading and is available in a choice of power options.

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Nukon’s largest, and most capable 3D laser tube cutting machine, the NKT-160 will rapidly process tube and pipe of up to 226 mm in diameter and profiles of 200 mm x 100 mm. Similar to the NKT-125, the immense flexibility of this machine make it well suited to a wide range of industrial sectors. Example applications include agricultural machinery, yellow goods, machine tool manufacture, automotive component manufacture and product development.

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Vento Flex

Combining tube, profile and sheet metal laser cutting capabilities in one machine, high performance, productivity and flexibility are the hallmarks of the Nukon Vento Flex. The ideal machine for organisations that require maximum flexibility, Vento Flex is also equipped with linear motors for uncompromising speed, control and efficiency.

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