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June 20, 2023

BLOG: Advantages of an nLIGHT cut line

Nukon Offer nLIGHT Fibre Lasers featuring “Cut Line” Technology

Nukon lasers are equipped with state-of-the-art nLIGHT fibre laser power sources. The nLIGHT unit has some big advantages over other makes of power source.

  • Cut Line – nLIGHT’s own all fibre beam shaping technology
  • Excellent back reflection protection
  • Quality North American manufacture

Nlight laser

CutLine – Beam Shaping Technology

nLIGHT CutLine lasers provide unrivalled versatility by adjusting the size and shape of the output beam at full power, all within the fibre.

Based on their application, users can choose from small diameter top-hat beams to large diameter donut-shaped beams without the cost, complexity, or reliability issues typical with conventional optics. CutLine users can benefit from the speed and cost advantages of traditional fibre lasers with the superior thick metal cutting of CO2 lasers.

Back Reflection Protection

Legacy fibre lasers often employ software isolation which shuts off the laser when back-reflection is detected.

This solution requires users to reset the system costing them valuable processing time, and this system isn’t always fast enough to completely guard against damage to the laser.

nLIGHT’s hardware isolation converts the back-reflected power to heat which dissipates before it can damage the laser, keeping your operation running, reducing down time and saving money on expensive repairs.

North American Design and Manufacture

Head quartered in Vancouver, Washington, nLIGHT have been innovating in laser semiconductors for over 20 years. They are recognised in the laser industry as a leader in technology and performance. nLIGHT’s semiconductor lasers are the industry’s brightest and operate at unique wavelengths and power combinations.

nLIGHT’s high-power continuous wave fibre lasers provide significant advantages over legacy fibre lasers for programmability, serviceability and reliability.

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