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August 7, 2023

BLOG: Introducing the Nukon NLCH Fibre Laser Head

Blog by Steve Haddrell.

Laser cutting was moved on a long way in recent times. The introduction of high-power fibre lasers has meant increased stresses on cutting heads, fibre optics, etc.

To cope with this, laser cutting heads have had to go through a steep development curve.

Nukon fibre laser head
The Nukon fibre laser cutting head

Monitoring of the optics has become increasingly important as the kilowatts have gone up.

Not that long ago a high-powered laser was 6 kilowatts now 10 and even 15 kilowatt lasers are becoming common in the field.

This increase in laser power brings all kinds of issues as the level of energy being followed by the optics has changed drastically.

Care and maintenance of the cutting head has become paramount in the reliable operation of these high-power fibre lasers.

To that end, Nukon have developed the NLCH laser head, this head has several innovative features that set it apart from the competition.

Furthermore, the NLCH head was designed by Nukon’s own Research & Development department, and it has been comprehensively tested in Nukon’s own laser cutting facility.

It’s a laser cutting head designed by laser professionals with years of cutting experience, to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Benefits of the Nukon NLCH Head

The Nukon NLCH Head features advanced monitoring of the optics temperature, and light levels within the head, with feed back to the control system. Preventing serious damage before it becomes a costly issue.

This innovative head has been designed to be field serviceable, with cassette mounted optics, which means in the event of a failure or damage to the optics, a service technician can replace parts in the field. Reducing costs and shortening down time. No more shipping heads back for service or exchange.

Built to deliver 20 kW with ease, the NLCH brings an excellent combination of performance and value.

Powerful features of the NLCH:

  • Suitable for laser powers of up to 20 kW
  • Robust head construction
  • Durable, responsive, capacitive follower system
  • Fast, auto focus system
  • Cutting Lens and Collimator Lens replacement at the customer’s site
  • Water cooled collimator and cutting lenses
  • Advanced monitoring of light levels and optic temperatures
  • Integrated gas pressure sensor
  • Automatic optical calibration
  • Easy fast access to the protective window cassette
  • Piercing sensor option
  • Cut detection sensor option


The Nukon NLCH Head is a cutting head for the future, but it’s here today!

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