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July 4, 2023

BLOG: Lasers for processing metal – Why go fibre

Not too long ago, laser processing of metals in sheet metal shops was all being done with Co2 lasers.

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These devices have complex mechanical assemblies and due to the method of beam generation they’re only about 10% efficient.

Also, the method of delivering the beam involves complex, accurate, mechanical mounts for mirrors which need cooling, as thermal stability is key to their reliability.

To sum up, they are complex devices where small changes in the environment can make them unreliable, and they drink electricity.

Now in 2023, fibre lasers have replaced CO2 lasers in most metal-cutting applications.

Their stable solid-state build, energy efficiency, low service requirement, and uncomplicated fibre delivery systems make them ideally suited for the modern sheet-metal workshop environment.

Businesses buy material processing machinery to generate profit, and it is now abundantly clear that fibre lasers are simply on a much higher level than the aging Co2 technology.

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