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2D Fibre Laser & Automation

Nukon UK are the exclusive distributors of Nukon 2D & 3D Fibre Lasers for the UK and Ireland.

Utilising leading edge technologies: nLight Fibre LASERs, with adaptive beam optimisation, Lantek Expert software, the most advanced nesting software in the industry, NUKON offers the highest standards in manufacturing solutions.


Discover Vento, Nukon’s range of high-performance, high-productivity 2D laser cutting machines. Equipped with linear drives and designed to maximise output, Vento laser cutters are available in a range of power options and sheet/table sizes. Optional features include automatic nozzle changing and advanced automation solutions for even greater performance.

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High efficiency, robust build quality and sheet size options from 3 m x 1.5 m up to 6 m x 2 m make the Nukon NF-Pro series 2D laser cutter the ideal choice for fabricators who require a machine versatile enough for all manner of 2D applications. While the laser bevel option simplifies the cutting of precise edges for welding.

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With a compact footprint, powerful 2D laser metal sheet cutting capability and optional pipe and tube cutting and marking feature, the Nukon Rex is the ideal choice for subcontractors and organisations cutting small batches of varying shapes and sizes.

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Eco Speed Pro Line

Specially developed for subcontractors starting out in 2D laser cutting, the Eco Speed Pro Line is the perfect introduction to Nukon performance and quality.

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Demanding applications require purpose-built 2D laser cutting solutions. And that’s where the Nukon-NF series comes in. Typical applications for these high-performance, high-capability machines include railway carriage panels, commercial vehicle panels, shipbuilding and construction.

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Compact Lift

The space-efficient, fully automatic loading and unloading solution for Nukon 2D laser cutting 315 and 420 (3 x1.5 m and 4 x 2 m) metal sheet capability machines.


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Expert Lift

The Nukon Expert Lift automatic loading and unloading system has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding automated production schedules. Able to feed multiple Nukon 2D laser cutting machines, the Expert Lift is compatible with 315 and 420 sheet size models.

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Tower Systems

Nukon’s automated Tower Systems will bring ultimate convenience and high levels of efficiency to your 2D laser-cutting continuous production schedules. Suitable for Nukon 315 and 420 sheet size machines, they provide fully automated loading and unloading, with the added benefit of safely storing your laser-cut components ready for ongoing production processes.

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LIFT TECH is designed to automatically load sheet metal into your machine.

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N LIFT is designed to automatically load sheet metal on your machine. With N LIFT, your machine works with high efficiency and your production capacity increases.

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