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Fibre laser cutting machines from Nukon Lasers UK

Discover our highly accessible, high-quality, European-made Nukon 2D, 3D and tube fibre laser cutting systems.

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Fibre Laser Cutting Machines

from Nukon Lasers UK

Nukon Lasers UK is proud to offer the 2D3Dtube fibre laser and loading and unloading solutions from European fibre laser machine tool maker, Nukon, to manufacturers and subcontractors across the UK and Ireland.

Built to exacting standards, Nukon machines are accessibly priced. High-spec standard features include: nLIGHT fibre lasers, Beckhoff controls and Lantek Expert software – one of the most advanced CAD/CAM nesting software packages on the market today.

Nukon Lasers UK is part of the Unison family – which also includes Unison Ltd, the inventors of all-electric tube manipulation, and wire-bending machine tool manufacturers, Pneuform.

Buy any machine from Nukon Lasers UK and you will receive the same uncompromising levels of service and support that Unison’s tube, pipe and wire bending machinery customers enjoy.

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Why choose Nukon Lasers?

Discover how our laser cutting solutions can help you!

  • 2D, 3D and tube fibre laser cutting machines from Europe
  • Accessible high power and high performance – up to 20kW
  • American-made nLIGHT fibre lasers with optional adaptive beam optimisation
  • Beckhoff controls and Lantek Expert CAD/CAM nesting software
  • Single machines to fully automated work cells
  • 5-axis machines for the most challenging of applications
  • Pipe, profile and flat metal sheet cutting solutions
  • Fully automated loading and unloading technologies
  • Exceptional value and build quality
  • Energy efficient – incredibly low running costs
  • Machine tool training, service and support packages available

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The service and support we receive from the Nukon Lasers UK team and their sales director, Steve Haddrell, is nothing short of exceptional. The training provided with both machines was excellent and Nukon are always quick to respond if we ever have any questions or need advice

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